Home Edge – Kinetic Water energiser



HOMEedge energises inlet water, changing the molecular structure of the water. This conversion makes the water pass easily into the cells to hydrate us at a cellular level. The benefits of drinking structured water are:

Helps detoxify the cells
Helps digestion
Increases energy
Improves skin health
Increases crop yields
Increases overall health
Reduces and removes accumulated calcium deposits
Reduces spa or swimming pool operating costs

Independent university tests were requested to show a reduction in chlorine and fluoride, but the main benefit of HOMEedge is simple, you drink Live Structured Energised Quality Water.

Soft drinkable, healthier water, that invigorates the body.

HOMEedge solves home calcium accretion problems on shower screens, toilet bowls, in hot water systems and dishwashers, even on cars washed with tap water. It does this by converting dissolved calcium to non-ionic Aragonite which won’t stick on anything.

Independent Griffith University Test Results Shows 99.2% Free Chlorine Removal, 29.7% Fluoride removal!

No moving or replaceable parts to ever maintain or replace!

In the words of the university test laboratory manager, ‘This is Australia’s best-kept secret!’

Connections to copper or poly pipe not included (do not use brass fittings)


Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 8.5 × 8.5 in


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